3E Concept

Decitex is a company belonging to the 3E Concept group. The 3E Concept holding company brings together all the support functions: – finance, computer services, human resources and purchasing – allowing each subsidiary to concentrate on its core activity. Whilst Decitex designs and manufactures its microfibre textiles for the professional sector, H2O at Home, with more than 5000 advisors, distributes by direct sales into France and Belgium, using a concept that brings together three types of products: 

  • I clean my house without effort in record time with microfibre and water
  • I scent my interior whilst preserving the air quality using 100% natural perfumes
  • I’ve gained the time to look after myself by using bio certified cosmetics


The teams at head office, brought together in the same location in a passive building of 4800 m², develop various and complementary competences. In this way solutions to help smooth the everyday workings of the subsidiaries emerge naturally from the centre. Each subsidiary can therefore devote all its time and energy to responding to client requirements with ever more innovative products and services.

3E concept inspires and breathes life into the Group’s values: RESPIRE (Responsability, Enthusiasm, Simplicity, Perseverance, Innovation, Respect, Esprit de corps (Harmony)). These values are the basis of what brings us together and which create the harmony and energy that we transmit to our clients.