Efficiency and glidability boost of microfiber mops on floors!


ULTIMATE technology range

No more need to choose between performance and ergonomics!

With more microfiber, ULTIMATE technology boosts efficiency and helps it glide easily on the floor: the front of the mop with its alternating design lifts dirt and holds it in its microfiber base so it can’t escape. It is this front part that lets it glide easily on non-slip floors. The softer back, made of 100% microfiber, gives the surface a perfect finish by absorbing grease and finer dirt. Getting a perfect result in just one pass becomes child’s play.

Patented by DECITEX, ULTIMATE technology allows its range of microfiber mops to glide easily to cover the largest surfaces. It’s also colorful with a choice of blue, yellow, green, red or grey, all providing the ultimate in microfiber cleaning. 

description of the ULTIMATE technology

ULTIMATE technology is applied to all the mops in the DECITEX range, offering a wide choice from single-use to long-life products lasting over 600 washes. The most innovative mops are the ULTIMATE 3D Infinite, used by famous hospitals with water as the only additive for a dry weight of just 26 g!

 picture of the ULTIMATE 3D range