The RESPIRE values

RESPIRE values

Decitex specialises in the development of microfibre textile techniques for professional users in the Hygiene and Health sectors. Decitex is one of two companies in the 3E Concept group, based in Hallennes-Lez-Haubourdin. The second being H2O At Home, a home sales company selling organic cosmetics and ecologic household products. 


Group Values shared by these two companies have been combined under the acronym RESPIRE.


Responsibility : together we can act to change things! We are «Consum’actors»; our values are based on a philosophy of « consume less, consume better and always with as much pleasure »; let’s have it in our hearts to share these values and modify people’s behaviour.

Enthusiasm : positive energy, pleasure, fulfilment and good humour flow down from enthusiasm; the company itself is above all a human adventure! Enthusiasm is at the origin of all the greatest successes!

Simplicity : let’s behave genuinely! Let us come to the job with all our faults and all our qualities; what matters is to have the humility to question things and to speak our minds; let’s take the time to get to know each other and to share our experiences so as to be enriched by one another.

Perseverance : let’s be determined! It’s not brute force but perseverance that makes great work; our success depends on us and on our willingness to make it happen; let’s be motivated and do everything we can to achieve our objectives.

Innovation : innovation will always be at the heart of the company’s strategy; it comes from listening to the needs of our clients, from our own curiosity and from our willingness to be stimulated and open to change.

Respect : respect is essential in any organisation because it’s gives meaning to rules and to the strategic vision that the director provides; on a day to day basis it is respect which allows us to work together totally independently but in harmony.

Esprit de corps (Harmony) : generosity, availability and willingness are the ingredients necessary to bind a team together, without which your development is not possible; let us share our experiences to cultivate a community spirit at the heart of the Group.