The new short life microfiber mop Ultimate 3D Infinite

The latest (r)evolution in chemical-free floor cleaning!

We are proud to present the Ultimate 3D Infinite made from 100 % recycled yarn (rPET). This microfiber mop is eco-designed and certified by the Nordic Swan ecolabel.

It has been tested based on EN16615 standard, which demonstrates a bacteriological reduction of 99.9993 % on staphylococcus aureus (-5.13 log). It is the essential mop for all your floor bio-cleaning protocols. With a featherweight of only 26 g and an extremely low micro-particle release rate (category A - Low), the Ultimate 3D Infinite is the perfect marriage between textile innovation and respect for the environment. You finally have the ideal answer to all your needs.

At Decitex, we are constantly seeking to innovate while improving the design and carbon footprint of each of our products. Every time you choose a product from a recycling center, it is another step towards contributing to the circular economy and environmental protection.

The manufacturing of the Ultimate 3D Infinite in 4 steps

Press release of the Ultimate 3D Infinite
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