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For all hygiene professionals who want to protect our world, without leaving a trace, Decitex is the only microfiber brand made of recycled material that can be used without chemicals, from the operating room to your working environment.

From the beginning the company has made its mark by proposing innovative products developed by its in-house teams. Today, it is already ranked nationally as number 2 in the realm of specifically targeted microfibres.  Despite this, the strong growth and proven effectiveness of Decitex can’t simply be explained by the very high quality of its products or the commitment to finding innovative solutions through research and development. The entire staff and management share and promote a philosophy and set of core values that are at the heart of the company’s identity, and the major driver of Decitex.  All the stakeholders in the company reflect human values of listening, respect for the environment and commitment to their clients and partners.

These core values at the forefront of their professional relationships outside the company, can equally be seen in the way staff are encouraged to develop a high level of autonomy and a team spirit focussed on the needs of the clients. The Decitex teams aren’t satisfied to simply come up with solutions that are best adapted and best respond to the brief. They also have to reflect the Company’s own highest standards in every step they take during development, manufacture, sales and distribution - in close partnership with the client.