For a healthier world, cleaned without chemicals

For all hygiene professionals who want to protect our world, without leaving a trace, Decitex is the only microfiber brand made of recycled material that can be used without chemicals, from the operating room to your working environment.

Decitex Innovations

Ultimate 3D Infinite technology

Discover our new microfiber mop made from 100% recycled material!

NT100 Infinite

Lavette microfibre recyclée pour tout type de surface

Dispomop® Infinite

Disposable microfiber mop made of 100 % recycled materials

Watson handle

Universal telescopic handle

Sherlock frame

Premium aluminium frame with movable ball joint for easy access under furnitures

Cleaning without chemicals: they do it !

Patented technology and certifications

The Ultimate technology
Certification ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification

Eco Label Nordic Swan

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Certification ATEX

ATEX certification

Faible taux de relargage de micro-particules

Faible taux de relargage de micro-particules